Surviving Homeless

There are many ways to survive homelessness. Some live in tent cities and shanty towns (yes, even today) . . . there are those who sleep in doorways and some under bridges. . . I’ve even been told of a local group quietly living under the streets. . .
When homeless quite a few people spend some nights in local hotels. . sometimes they are able to have the luxury of sleeping indoors part of the month because they have jobs (we are the working poor). They do not make enough money to cover even the cheapest hotel/motel room every night so must choose the hottest/coldest/stormiest nights.
Others have their room paid by local churches or other agencies. To receive this money they must go and ask explaining their situation in such a way the funds can be delegated for their housing needs vs someone else’s.
When Matt and I were homeless last November he began to get sick . . maybe it was the stress or lack of proper rest from sleeping in the car . . maybe he had simply picked up a virus . . regardless, my baby was sick so I got us aroom at the Econolodge ” on Frontage Rd . . this hotel is so nice . . I paid $59 for our room . . the website said “no bedbugs” (a true statement) and it was clean and well decorated. .
Where would you honestly be able to sleep ifthis happened to you?

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