Toledo, Ohio~ Pro Food Desert??

Amazing a city I thought would be intelligent enough to have the green policies that make other cities welcoming and sustainable would punish a citizen for improving his own and his neighbor’s property values while also filling a gap in a food desert. Now, I must say that I greatly prefer Toledo over Joliet and am so much happier living in this area . . But . . I am so disappointed to see the Toledo government behaving in an Agenda 21 manner towards a man, a citizen, willing to put in the extra hours of planning and physical labor to put in extensive urban gardens! I would have thought that Toledo would be more like Chicago and NYC . . would allow, nee encourage, chickens in the backyard and bee hives on the roof. Can you imagine every parkway in Toledo planted with fruits and veggies? Imagine growing your favorite veggies in abundance then swapping with a neighbor!! Imagine front “yards” replaced with edible landscaping including violets, tulips and blueberries. Imagine all food grown in parkways, and Only food allowed to be grown in parkways, being free to whomever may need it. Imagine Toledo as an innovator in solving the hunger crisis and alleviating the burden on food pantries and shelters to provide healthy unprocessed food to the needy!!! Can Toledo become green?

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