Toledo’s Pedway

Love tunnels and exploring? Toledo has an interesting tunnel system you might want to explore. I happened to find this by Googling “Toledo tunnels” while looking for places Matt and I might reach out to the local homeless. I still have yet to find the underground locations of local homeless but I did find the pedway.
Now, please note that the map says not all the tunnels are connected and the security patrolling seem to have minimal knowledge of the entire system. We noted that, on Sundays, portions of the tunnels were locked so that we couldn’t walk the entire system and, important if exploring with children, the bathrooms are oddly locked on Sundays . . [is Sunday a potty-restricted day??!]
Other things we noted but did not explore indepth~ there were obviously inaccessible rooms (we noticed from a parking garage attached to a tunnel) and an employee-only access to a tunnel which was unlocked. Honestly, fear of ‘arrest due to curiosity and a deep desire to learn’ is all that kept us from doing a more serious urban exploration. . . . I seriously wonder how many interconnected tunnels are really under the city of Toledo?!?!?

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