Praying for Your Boaz~ Update! 

Hello! Happy Sunday!!! Welcome back to my adventure in trusting the Lord for my future . . after all, isn’t that what our relationship with Him is all about?!! Okay, so this is the cover of the letter to my future husband. It took a lot of scavenging to come up with all these pretties. . and . . I’ve done a bit more inside too!! Yes, today is the 24th and my last entry was the 17th . . I now work 6-7 days/week and sometimes doubles. . . and I have been putting a good part of my prayer time into Matt and my clients . . my focus has not been on this project/future marriage/prospective romance. And so, here I am getting back in the groove . . and, actually, I’ve been praying off/on about Day 20 since September 17th!! Where are you with this Bible study and praying for your current or future husband? Are you, like me, sometimes struggling to find dedicated time for this?

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