Morning Coffee

Coffee started and a small candle lit . .

Overslept till 8:05am making me miss morning prayer and Matt late checking into school. . so tired of that . . why have I been so overtired that I sleep through my alarm? Ugh . . have to have to have to start getting up by 6am again!! I miss/need my early morning prayer time. Yes, I am in prayer almost all day every day . . but that early morning prayer time is special. . does something wondrous to the day!!

I have two (2) other alarms that go off at 9:38 am and pm . . for Matthew 9:38. . and so, yes, I am praying now as I sit in my car listening to 102.3 Proclaim FM! while I wait to go into my client’s apartment. This is a good time and place to privately catch up with God.

When/where is your favorite to pray?

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