Can Communal Living Work? 

Good morning!! Welcome back. Over at awesome idea the wird for the day  is communal so I am writing this . . LOL 

Really, though, these #one-word-prompts do work wonders . . helps if I’m looking for a new topic . . keeps my brain cells active!! 

Can communal living work? 

Maybe, in theory . . 

But there will always be those who are unwilling (not unable) to do their share . . 

And then how does one decide how to equate a certain amount of: 

~ light manual labor 

~ hard manual labor 

~ supervisor work 

At some point, IMHO, the person doing hard manual work is going to get aggravated being so exhausted every day yet reaping equal to what the others make. Likewise, the person who is supposed to be supervising all the work as well as maintaining order will get aggravated with what can easilu be a 24/7 job at equal the rewards of the other jobs. 

There are inherent flaws to communal living . . 

Does anyone else see this? 


  1. My husband and I shared a home with friends for a year when we were looking for a home to buy. it worked out extremely well. the chores were divided equitably, the bills were the same. We honestly thought it would be so much harder than it was…after all we gave up our “aloneness” to live communally. I, at times, wish we still were all living together and sharing everything. Life was much simpler then knowing there was a backup should we need it. I think communal living can work exceptionally well, but the divisions of money, labor, etc have to be deatiled BEFORE you do so.

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  2. maybe such a small group could be manageable but I share your qualms for the main reason they don’t work.

    In one NZ community two ladies had the creative ability and business know-how to be the main income earners for their community. Yet those doing the hard labour resented that they didn’t have to do any … a large group will have egos and where there are egos politics follow and the community declines.

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