“The Only Way to Achieve the Impossible is to Believe it is Possible” 

I have been thinking and praying a Lot lately about all God has put on my heart.  . . 

         knowing all of this is considered impossible by those around me . . 

        BUT . . 

          my God says Different!! 

~ my calling to be a pastor’s wife 

~ desire to do foster care 

~ homesteading and selfsufficiency ~ to be like the ant and not the grasshopper 

~ homeless ~ my heart aches for them 

  .  . . 

 I am trusting God for a husband and seeking His wisdom to grow and position myself correctly to receive that blessing. 

I am slowly, very slowly, pulling my situation together to be able to do foster care. When I’ve been married my husbands would tell me we couldn’t do it. Right now I am not in a position to have to ask a husband’s permission so need ahead. Then, the man for me will either accept all the children in my household or move on!!  In other words, God will  have foster care on His heart also. 

And the homeless . . I need to pull together what supplies I can and then try to find them. 

    🙏💝 God will provide!!! 📖🙌

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