Brilliant Escape 

It seems odd at first, that we could make such a brilliant escape through a simple prayer . . and yet it’s true. An escape from eternal bondage to eternal life . . an escape from eternal pain, weeping, gnashing of teeth to a brilliant life of glory in heaven!! 

It is so brilliantly simple.. .  

Give up doing it all yourself . . 

Give up following the world and what they say matters . . 

Then find a quiet spot where you can pray . . 

“Lord Jesus, please, I am so tired . . tired of all of this . . tired of hating . . tired of struggling . . tired so tired .  . please please, come into my heart today . . see I’ve opened it to You! Come in and make me new! Forgive my sins and help me. . . guide me . . lead me . . teach me to follow You more each day!! I will serve You and only You for the rest of my life. . I love You, Jesus!!!”


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