Humiliation as Control 

To humiliate to gain and power is a lame way to live. I can’t imagine what could have happened that they could need to keep another person down completely into the dirt so that they  could feel good about themselves!!  

I have lived as the victim in this scenario so know all too well the devastating effect it can have.  Because of the way power is maintained it is almost impossible to escape. 

It is very difficult for me to hear someone say they would  have simply left or thrown the other person out. They speak with no knowledge and further humiliate the victim, revictimizing as it were. It cannot be explained adequately to some people. . they are unable to understand on this level and feel no empathy whatsoever. 

Empathy, true caring, a listening  nonjudgemental ear and a solid dose of Jesus are what they need to recover and learn to live again. It takes a long time (years) to learn to trust, to not flinch when corrected, to openly laugh . . 

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