Updating My Bucket List. . . 

Hey there!! How’s your January looking? 

I stumbled upon, while visiting Bloglovin’ (a great resource for finding fun blogs), an amzing new-to-me blog ‘Ultimate 12 Month “Self Care” Challenge’ by Kathryn McLamb. Kathryn has pulled together a fun challenge for 2018 and I’m jumping on board!! 

So, my bucket list . . hmm . . I think that may be closely related to ‘The List’ that I do except the bucket list is the eccentric cousin of ‘The List’  ..  Yes, I need both!! 

My Bucket List 

* visit/move to Alaska 

* be a foster mom 

* teach Sunday School again 

* have a homestead w/chickens

* be fluent in Spanish, French, German and Russian 

* be reunited w/my daughter and grandkids 

* visit Fairmont, WV 

* visit Bradford, PA 

* have my own successful line of handmade designer baby clothes, quilts and accessories 

* visit Ireland 

* spend a summer on a shanty boat 

* show the love of Jesus to everyone I meet 

* find new/better/more fun ways to hand out Pocket Testaments 

* be able to do 10 mile hikes easily 

* go to at least one Renaissance Faire  

 . . . I’ll add more as I go . . and keep updating . . 

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