💃Need to Stretch More 🏃

       ❄Happy frozen planet!! ⛄

     I have noticed that I am no longer agile like I was a few years ago. Back then I was deliberately more active. But there was more to it than that.  . . I was in a situation where I was with someone who actually talked to me and listened . . someone who valued my opinion . . this really motivated me!! 

Now I can’t say I was exercising more . . I will say Matt and I did hike periodically, but that wasn’t it . . I simply was more active in general . . I pulled more weeds in my gardens . . I was more active . . and I noticed I was able to move better. . things I never would have attempted became easy.  . . I want that ‘me’ back!! And so, I am bringing a client on board . . she and I can do stretches and go walking together. . . as a team we can each add to our own longevity and knock 5-10 years off our appearance!! WooHoo!! Watch out world, here we come!!! 


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