Praying for Chicago’s Drug Dealers 

My prayer . . well. . . it may look odd to you . . as the situation looks bleak and desolate. . 

But, the colour of my prayer is love ❤. . God loves everyone on this planet and desires all turn to Him . . 

I have someone very very dear to me who is addicted to drugs in Chicago. At first my carnal side thought “just pray God blesses the dealers to leave the city for greater things in Him elsewhere”   . . . but, then I realized how great their testimony would be smack dab in the middle of the war zone of Chicago!! So . . I am praying they turn to Jesus, en mass, right there in the drug-infested neighborhoods they’ve ravaged. . . for God to change their hearts and take them from a plague on the windy city to a blessing calling in more and more lost addicts!! 

Will you pray this colour with me??! 🙏💝🌍💝🙌


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