Do you have a plan b? What about a plan c . . d . .? I am looking ahead . . well, trying to . . longing to get to where I need to be and need a solid but semi-flexible plan . . well, honestly, several plans would be nice. . ya know, ya sit and say “in 2 years I’d like to be ____”, but then you have to lay out a plan to get there . . I can so clearly see my destination but ah, the path . . it is um . . well, unclear . . and then there is the need to have flexibility as there is more than just me to this plan . . hmm . . okay, going to focus on next 12 months . . still need a flexible plan but not as flexible necessarily. . and I’d really love several potential routes to my final destination. . and . . I’ve actually begun making a matrix so I can see my progress towards my goal . . I intend to post it on my wall at home . . I’ll share that soon hopefully . ..


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