Leave Her in Tears

She’d had a inkling that she needed to move on her ideas. She’d prayed and prayed that God would sift people she shouldn’t be around from her heart and her life then sift in those she needed for her journey in Him. She quietly noticed that every time she prayed this things would change around her. God would sift situations and she would see less of some people. . she also began to see that many situations were far far from where He needed her. . . she also saw that her inkling was right . . that sometimes faint and sometimes strong feeling that he was the only one for her and that she needed to find a way to get to him . . sometimes the feeling was so strong it would leave her in tears . .

One response to “Leave Her in Tears”

  1. That’s the power of faith! Thanks for sharing!
    Also I would love to hear your thoughts on my recent post. Hope you do take time to read and share your thoughts https://inexorablespark.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/day-one-i-write-because/

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