Homestead Plans

Hey to all who are in an apartment and needing to prep!! I am stuck (maybe voluntarily) in the same spot so let’s work through this together . .

I got an email on planning my garden and it reminded me that I still don’t have a solid plan for spring planting. Matt and I are still dreaming of our own homestead but are waiting in prayer for a solid answer (I’ll try to write a post later today about what my current prayerful thought process is).

So, for now we are planning to guerilla garden. Our apartment building has a tiny plot of grass about 3’×4′ but not a true rectangle and sitting between the sidewalk and curb along the drive to the parking lot. I can guarantee we couldn’t get permission to even plant flowers there. Also there is the concern of years of lead build up as well as other toxins due to the proximity to the street.

Therefore we must find an area in the woods or an abandoned lot to garden. I can say that I’ve been prayerfully led to a spot and need to go check it out. Then we will begin planning our crops. I’d really love to grow enough for my household plus be able to share fresh produce with the homeless. What a blessing that would be!!

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