Quandary and Prayer . .

Hi! Welcome back. .. I promised earlier that I’d try to remember to tell you more about why I’m stalling to make solid homesteading plans here . . you see, I am deep in prayer for my marriage to Hector to be restored, which shouldn’t logically halt my garden plans, but . . here’s the deal in a sort of disjointed way . . I really wanted to take my tax return money and buy a wooded acre within say 20 miles from my current housing . . that way it is a decent bike ride away . . fairly close . . a two (2) day walk if needed . . I seriously wanted to begin to set it up as a homestead for us. . that would be so amazing . . imagine a small building of some nature to live in. . . chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats . . yup, I want to have it all!! But here’s the dilemma . . Hector lives in Chicago right now . . in other words, he’s settled there with his life and may prefer we move there . . as much as I want my own homestead right this very minute I need to (while I wait for my last W-2 to arrive in the mail and then wait for the gov to send my money) . . I need to pray a lot . . seriously seek God to understand His plan for my next 12-24 months . . maybe it will be just Matt and I for a while, which would mean we maybe could begin to farm . . maybe God is sending us back to Illinois and I can maybe homestead there . . .

But I can say with certainty that God is leading me to guerilla garden a specific location . . that isn’t any answer on a time frame for Hector and I or if I’ll be moving . . it is something He’s leading me to do . . and a spot where many could be helped by a secret veggie garden . .

I’ll keep you updated as I progress.

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