Comparing Newspaper Inserts

Do you coupon?

Do you extreme coupon?

Up until about a year ago I was heavy into extreme couponing. I mean, who wouldn’t be?!?! It is so freaking fun to save money and see how seriously low I can get my purchase price on everything I buy!!!!

My previous expeditions were in Illinois so my experience was with Joliet and Chicago newspapers. I knew which ones gave me the coupons and sales fliers I needed.

Here I am now living in Toledo, OH and have to relearn some things as relates to my local area. Tonight I bought my three (3) Sunday papers to do an initial comparison.

Sunday Free Press (USA Today Network) was only $2 and bragged “up to $164 in coupons” but contained only one (1) store flier and only one (1) section of coupons. {I actually bought two (2) copies of this paper and both contained identical inserts}

Toledo Blade was $3 and bragged “up to $101 in coupons inside” . . . it contained a LOT of store fliers (the only ones I didn’t get and wish I did are Dollar Tree and Rite Aide) and had two (2) sections of coupons.

So, obviously, of these newspapers I will not be purchasing the Sunday Free Press again . . it’s not a cost-effective choice!


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