Her Future . . in limbo

As the snow fell softly she prayed and pondered her future. So much had changed recently and she was still almost 100% in limbo waiting to see what would come next. She had sat down several times and really thought about what she would do for her future if she only had herself to think about and was seeing that it always came back to the same things . . a small coffee shop where she could serve her recipe for gourmet coffee and assorted baked goods . . she also wanted to, in the same shop, sell the baby dresses and quilts she was making as well as offer books . . living behind her shop would be ideal, the way Mrs. McAteer had lived behind McAteer’s Restaurant in Fairmont, WV. And she still was wanting to do foster care . . maybe for refugee children . . and a small homestead out back, as this quaint little shop would be out in the country . . these were the dreams she’d been carrying with her . . she wondered if the future He had for her would permit the pursuit of these dreams . .?


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