pt 4 ~ Live in a Box?

Returning to her box and her bridge, for yes these were feeling like hers, she assessed the site and wondered about spending another night there. She decided to stash her new blanket with her box and scout the area to become generally more familiar.

First she nonchalantly wandered up the street as though just out for a walk. She noticed that no one was out but her and that there were very few recent footprints in the snow. She wandered back but then up onto the bridge to get a good view of the area and noticed the only real sign of life was a few hobo shacks in the distance. She was very much alone here. At least as far as she could tell. . .

She paused to notice anywhere she’d be safer for the night. About a block away she spotted an old camper abandoned behind a building so she headed that way. As she walked she pretended to be busy playing in the snow, stopping every so often to make a snowball or a design with her footprints.

She walked right past the building initially, making sure to thoroughly check the area. She noted the lack of recent footprints here also as she looked at the old buildings. Finally she peered into windows and checked doors of buildings closer to the camper then wandered around back.

The camper obviously had once been quite nice. It was unlocked and no footprints old or new nearby so she peeked in. No sound inside so she gingerly stepped through the door. If it worked as a new home, this camper would be a gift.

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