pt 3 ~ Step one

She walked toward the soup kitchen but was so aware of her surroundings. She noticed all the little mom and pop shops she passed as well as nooks and crannies where she might sleep or hide if the need arose. She hugged herself to combat the wind whipping through her coat and thought about what she might do from here.

Step one (1) would need to be finding the soup kitchen and seeing about better clothing to handle the weather. Maybe she could get a better blanket too!

Ooo, and a notebook and pen so she could sit and organize her thoughts. That would be a necessity for what she was planning. Finally, the wheels were spinning so fast in her head with ideas she wondered how her skull didn’t blow open!!

She walked on and soon saw the soup kitchen ahead with small groups standing about outside. Quietly she approached and entered. Just inside the door was a desk with a weathered man behind it.

“Gotta sign in here, missy.” he said. She did, writing Celeste Trudeau in an untraceable scrawl and asked about what services were offered. He handed her a flyer and sent her down a dreary hall.

Two (2) hours later she emerged from the soup kitchen freshly showered with clean warm clothes, a new-to-her blanket and a decent tarp as well as a schedule for meals served there and a sack lunch for the evening.

She walked very slowly toward her box as though she was window shopping. Actually she was making mental note of each store. . . hours open . . types of locks. . service/products offered . . technology used . .

She paused to buy a small notebook and pen at a discount store then went to her box.

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