pt 5 ~ Howl to Wake the Dead

Celeste stepped gingerly into the camper and peered around. She wondered how long it had been sitting behind the abandoned warehouse and what it’s story was. She wandered through carefully. At the front was a cozy kitchen and living room. Beyond that she found a tiny bathroom and a bedroom. There were no signs of the previous owner’s personal belongings and no visible sign of squatters, recent or otherwise. Yes, this would be a good place to sleep for now.

She needed to bring her meager possessions from under the bridge before nightfall. As she opened the camper door to leave she noticed her’s were the only footprints outside and led straight from the street to her new front door!! She hopped out and followed her footprints straight back to the street. She watched carefully to make sure she was alone then began to walk backwards towards the camper carefully covering her path with snow.

Once at the camper she looked around and found a back way through some old cars and a broken fence. She decided she’d have to be extra cautious to not be seen or leave a trail. She didn’t want any surprise visitors or anyone taking over her new home. As she worked her way through the old cars she decided to climb through the back seat of an old Cadillac and stepped on the tail of an old weary tomcat who let out a howl to wake dead!!

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