Day 38 ~❤~ Love Fulfills Dreams

KJVA Bible. Ephesians 1:8

[8]Wherein he hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence;

Thinking back to the day we turned to Jesus . . the day we were broken and knew our life had crumbled around us . . I myself knelt crying and knew it was either gonna be Jesus or a fast downhill spiral . . and there He was running to take me in His abundant arms and cradle me like a lost baby . .

This verse also begs to ask, does my spouse deserve the same love and forgiveness?

Yes, he most certainly does!!

He deserves this because he is my husband. He is a blessed child of God who is the head of our household and needs to be treated as such. I need to run to him with all the love in my heart the way Jesus ran to me.

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