Day 38~ Love Fulfills Dreams

KJVA Bible. John 10:10-16;[10]The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

[11]I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

[12]But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.

[13]The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

[14]I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.

[15]As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.

[16]And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

πŸ™Yes, he is not currently sitting beside me physically. . but spiritually he is still my husband, my love and my responsibility. God, through salvation, has handed me everything I need and promised that same salvation for my family. That includes my Hector.

KJVA Bible. Matthew 5:39-48

[39]But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

[40]And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also.

[41]And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

[42]Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

[43]Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

[44]But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

[45]That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

[46]For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?

[47]And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

[48]Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

🌷Just as God ran after me tirelessly calling my name until I was willing to listen, fully repent and follow Him with my whole heart . . He is asking me to do the same for my husband . . and go beyond anything I may think he deserves. . . to pray for him ceaselessly . . to fast for his salvation . . to love him beyond measure . . the same as Jesus does for me!!

And, just imagine . .

if we all did this for everyone we meet!!


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