pt. 6~ Peaceful Yet Eerie

Celeste climbed out of the old car and squeezed through the fence into the parking lot filled with old semi trailers. She covered her tracks leading to the opening in the fence. From there she wandered along the fence line looking for other openings so her tracks would lead different directions each night.

Celeste took a new route to the bridge noticing all she passed. She gathered her meager belongings and headed back to the camper changing her route yet again. She was finding she was becoming very cautious about her own security.

As she walked she noticed more empty businesses and warehouses. She knew that any of these that were unlocked might prove to be a good overnight option as needed. She also realized many may be infested with rats or inhabited by addicts so she would need to check a few out before the need arose.

As Celeste approached her new ‘neighborhood’ she felt a newfound peace and joy. Something that had been missing for almost as long as she could remember. She walked past the front of the lot her camper was on (imagine, her very ‘own’ camper!) and to the end of the block. Then she came back down the alley part way, slowly noticing every detail about the back of every old warehouse and factory she passed. This area was quiet and peaceful yet almost eerie!

She cut through a broken fence and circled back around to the fence behind her camper and snuck through 100′ from her camper. She paused a few minutes to listen and get a feel for the area then did an odd zigzag around junk and through a vehicle before she approached her new home.


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