Sinus Infection Relief

Ever have a crazy-bad sinus infection that was threatening to take over your whole life?!? Well that’s what I’ve had and it was awful . . I mean seriously sitting on my floor holding my face rocking and crying awful. . . and it had to stop.

So I went back to oil pulling. Why had I ever stopped?? I knew the dangers of fluoride toothpaste as well as that my teeth were weak and yet I went back to voluntarily applying/scrubbing in what I knew would only make matters worse. . . and a filling fell out from a weakened tooth. No shock there. Then my sinuses began to drain as per my normal life. Since sinuses drain through our gums as well as out our noses and down our airways I had mega sinus pressure on a raw nerve . . Ouch!!

So I quickly went back to brushing with my coconut oil/baking soda combo. This did begin to relieve some pressure but a serious infection had already taken hold.

I was feeling really yucky from all that drainage so I began to drink my apple cider vinegar and water again. Although this drink is really intended to flush fat it seems to generally flush the intestines and I’m all for that. Flushing with the vinegar did also help in that the infected drainage wasn’t hanging around my abdomen having some sort of deranged party. And the vinegar is a natural antibacterial and antiviral so it began to attack the infection from where my open tooth met my sinus cavity!!

Ah, my beloved garlic-infused honey . . yes, chewing a piece of this yummy raw garlic every day was beginning to alleviate the pain so I googled it . . garlic is a natural antibiotic!! So I obviously began to chew a piece of my yummy garlic every few hours. {I’m safe from vampires too}

Okay, all the natural stuff was slowly kicking in, but I’d waited too too long and the infection was running from the left side of my neck up into my left eye with my left cheek hot and swollen. I was a mess and very worried about the potential for this infection to either become septic or get into my jaw bone. My quick solution was to visit my local Rite Aid and talk to the pharmacist. I needed something cheap that would drain my sinuses without covering a bunch of symptoms I didn’t have (I hate taking any meds and don’t need extra man-made crap running though my body). She helped me right away, stating that I needed Sudafed and showed me the Rite Aid version of that product. Within minutes of entering I was able to purchase exactly the product I needed and be back in my van taking my new meds. Within ten (10) minutes the pressure and swelling began to decrease.

Now, more than 24 hours later, the infection is still draining with the help of the decongestant. And the natural cures are finally taking hold. Had I been on top of things I never would have needed to buy medication.

I will be continuing the natural cures even after the crazy sinus infection is long gone!!


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