Smile Cards

Hi, do you enjoy commiting random acts of kindness? If you do, go to and order some Smile Cards.

What are Smile Cards?

Smile Cards are an opportunity to be kind anonymously. .. to pay for the meal of the car behind you at the drive-thru . . or groceries for the single mom ahead of you at the grocery . . or to hand a fresh hot sandwich to the homeless teen on the corner . .

For me, it was the car behind me at Popeye’s on Secor Rd. (payed their bill) then giving two (2) fresh hot biscuits to the homeless man on the corner. Now I am only sharing this event to get more people on board with this as these events should be done anonymously.

Please please join me in this .

The feeling you will get is unexplainable!! ❀🌍❀

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