Checkout 51

Hi! Have you tried the Checkout 51 app yet? I’ve been a member for a while but I think I’ve only used it once before.

Yesterday I stopped at Krogers and pulled up my Checkout 51 app as soon as I walked in the door. There was a long list of prospective purchases that qualified, but I was there for a quick visit.

These are the items I purchased that looked initially like they would qualify. I did notice that any purchases made using a coupon appear to automatically not qualify immediately squashing the coupon stacking option using this app.

This is my sales receipt. You can see where I marked the items I thought would qualify as well as how much the app stated I would receive for the purchase.

This is the total savings I was hoping to have credited to my Checkout 51 account once my receipt was approved.

However . .

The two (2) yogurts did not qualify as could only be purchased at specific stores (not Krogers).

My total credited to my account was then $1 bringing my account balance to $3.50 for now.

Although this was a bit disheartening I am looking at ways this may still prove useful. I’ll update you on that down the road.. .

Stay tuned!!

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