Will Spring Come?

Will spring come this year

Or will we be bound

Forever to days of snow

Then days of rain

And plants confused

If they should grow?

6 responses to “Will Spring Come?”

  1. A good friend of mine from the US sent me a photo of her yard covered in snow and saying pretty much the same as you, will the spring come or not? Thanks so much for linking your words with the tale weaver this week.

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    1. 59°F right now and ☔. . but for how long .. ?

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      1. Today in my part of the world we are having temps below 90F for the first time in a few weeks, plus its raining, or been raining….spring for you is close at hand…

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      2. I am waiting impatiently 🌷🌱

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      3. PS thanks for following my blog, stop by anytime you never know what nonsense I may come up with.

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