$37.15 in Free Merchandise from Menards!!

Hey! Don’t you love free merchandise?!?!!! I know I do.

Okay, so how did I do this?

First of all I’ve been saving up my rebates. Can you see that one was actually from 2014 (I found it in one of my boxes as I was unpacking)?? How crazy is that?? And these don’t ever expire!! How awesome is that??!

Next I went through the latest Menards flyer and matched up coupons. There wasn’t much in the flyer and I’m only beginning to get back into coupons so it was slim pickings. But I was able to find Scott toilet paper and Kleenex tissue coupons and paperclipped these to the matching ads in the sales flyer. This simple act makes my process so much more organized.

Next I found the sale items in the store and made sure it perfectly matched the sales flyer as well as the coupons (critical points).

Then I also purchased the Mr Clean w/Gain as I love how this product works.

And I bought sugar . . because I was out and I need coffee tomorrow with a lot of sugar so I can function.

Total for toilet paper $17.91

Kleenex 14.97

Mr Clean 2.29

Sugar 1.98

And I still have $2.01 left in rebates to spend.

Now I have two (2) rebate slips to mail in for a total of $4.02 which will be mailed to me in new rebate checks!!

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