pt. 7~ A Massive Rat 🐭

As Celeste walked closer to the camper the most magnificent and massive rat she had ever seen emerged from a side panel and scurried away towards an old food truck parked on the street. Celeste stood in the snow so frozen she barely noticed the snow slowly turning to freezing rain. Her mind went back to that former home and the rats in the basement . .

She shook herself and returned to the present and knowing she would not be living in that camper. . ever. No more nights sitting up defending herself from hungry rats!!

So, what to do now? Obviously she would have to bump up her plans a bit and that was fine with her. Celeste headed back towards some of the businesses she’d passed thinking about her plans as she walked.

Her supplies were too awkward to carry around and put an ‘I am homeless’ bullseye on her back. Not ideal for blending in. She’d need to find a secure place to store her things. That would be a huge priority. And she was a bit stumped as to where that might be.

Meanwhile she approach the area of mom and pop shops. Which shop would be first? More modern? More profitable?

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