Restoration Preps

As I sit here I am looking forward to my marriage being restored . . and I have begun to take necessary steps to ensure that all goes well . . to remove situations that will be destructive . . and to add those that will lift us up as a couple and encourage us in restoration.

Sometimes something that initially looks like it will be supportive reveals itself differently. And what happens if I’m involved somewhere that won’t support us as a reunited couple? What if I’m in a group that will accept him but feel he should be with someone their group approves of over myself (someone found to be more worthy via a different position in the group)?

Yes, I have been presented with this scenario so far ahead of his arrival back in our home. And, no, I’m not going to associate with that group any longer.

I’ve moved on . .

I am also closely watching other situations and will be carefully and prayerfully continuing to ask God to sift people, places and situations in/out of our lives that aren’t conducive to us going forward for Him.

Have I disappeared from your life?

It may be my long long hours at work . .

Or it may be your attitude towards. . .

my husband. . .

my son . ..


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