pt. #10 πŸ’° Pay Dirt!

Sitting in Arnold’s office with only the lights from the subsiding chaos outside, Celeste felt as though she’d had an astral experience over the last week. She sat back to quietly watch as the firemen contained the blaze noting it had partially burned two (2) other businesses. There would be a lot of extra police patrol and contractor traffic over the next few weeks as the mess was cleaned up. That might become a problem.

Celeste began to take stock of what was in Arnold’s shop, noting a few pairs of shoes for sale and many leather working tools. Turning away from the storefront and allowing her eyes to adjust to the dim light she was barely able to see a laptop on the back corner of the desk. On it was a bright pink post-it note, “With love to Uncle Arnie”. With a wild heartbeat she carefully picked up the laptop. It was sitting on top of a case with the cord and instructions. . Pay Dirt!! Now she could move forward.

Celeste found an outlet and plugged in the laptop to begin charging setting it out of sight of the door. Then she lay down for a good nap on the old love seat. . .

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