Awards . .

So, here’s the situation . . I have received some awesome awards and I am sooo grateful . . I mean you all seriously know how to encourage. . . and you tend to nominate me on days when I really really need it . . like when I’m too sick to function (12.30.17) . . and when I’m pulling crazy 46-76 hr work weeks (1.21.18-2.24.18)!!

That being said we can all guess that I am way way behind in receiving these awards appropriately. I am going to see what I can do to fix this this week. Even though I have several for the same award I am going to respond in the order received and not combine any.

Please all you sweet generous bloggers, know how deeply your thoughtfulness in bestowing these upon my humble little blog has touched my heart. And please know I will do my best to pass these on to truly worthy blogs . . ❀


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