Flooding in the U.S.

Hey there. Welcome back. Grab some fresh hot coffee and pull up a chair.

I saw a YouTube video this morning where some guy was talking about 501 US rivers being at/above flood level and it got me thinking (yes, uh-oh, I was left unsupervised again!!). The video was ‘different’ than I’m used to and I was getting ready for work so I only watched the first few minutes. I’m not even sure how recently it was made but it stuck in my head.

So I just pulled up this gov site and see a lot of their sensors showing up as indicating what he was saying. Then, on the west coast there is also extensive flooding (zoom in and check that situation out!!).

And so I am wondering again about the ‘Water World’ concept again . . not a completely flooded planet but water is rising . .

Anyone have any thoughts?


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