Rite of Passage~ Straight Razor Shave

Today I finally took Matt for what I think is an important rite of passage into manhood. . . a hot towel straight razor shave and a haircut!!

Now, before I even mentioned this to Matt I did some research . . I wasn’t sure barbers still did hot towel shaves!! I found a location and carefully checked all the reviews. .

The Golden Razor was definitely the place for my son’s first real shave.

Getting to know Gary and getting ready for his first shave!!

Getting lathered up!!

The hot towel. .

A very thorough straight razor shave!!

He was soo relaxed after that hot towel and shave!!

Hair washed . .

A straight razor haircut . .

A new man emerged!!

Stop at the Golden Razor . .

If you have a young man needing an amazing rite of passage into adulthood . .

If you want to give a future groom the perfect gift to prepare for his wedding day . .

If your Dad has always been there for you . .

If your husband is your soul mate . .

For any really special occasion, call Gary at the Golden Razor!!


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