pt #12 ~ Large Circling Birds and an Alien Village

As Celeste headed west she saw a laundromat and decided to make use of their restroom. The parking lot was full and there was bustling traffic in/out as people did their laundry and children played in the parking lot. The laundromat bathroom was thankfully unlocked and Celeste made good use of it even managing to get a contrived shower!

As she turned back towards the front doors she couldn’t help but notice the large birds circling above the dark spooky mansion across the street. She froze in the laundromat doorway entranced by the scene above the gothic victorian mansion. The moon was full and glowed behind the birds. As she stood there blocking the doorway others began to join her. Celeste slowly and quietly walked out shaking her head.

As she headed back towards town and the McDonald’s she’d passed she crossed a small bridge pausing to look down into the creek. As she stood daydreaming she noticed something odd below the bridge.

Strange lights and reflections were barely visible as she leaned over peering into the otherwise intense dark under the little stone bridge. The lights reminded her of an alien village she’d seen once in a movie. She’d have to come back tomorrow and check this out more closely in the daylight.


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