If an Anomaly Flips the Poles Slowly

So the poles slowly flip over 1000+/- years. . . what will that feel like in super slow motion? How will that affect climates around the globe? Will I be a zone 5a this year, a 9 next year and a 3b the following year? What would this do to migration patterns? Human survival?

But the bigger question:

How will both sides of the bizarre climate change conundrum survive so much new data that conflicts with today’s arguments??


  1. Good post on the “self sustaining dynamo”….
    So many people have no idea of exactly what you are saying.
    It is FACT that magnetic due northg has to be remapped every 3 to 5 years.
    The Lemmings that represent a very large percentage of Our Countries population should utilize the free education available before big business restricts that, if Net Neutrality isn’t restored; the subjects of “cloud seeding” and “weather modification” would be a really good place to start. Then the study and physics of vulcanology would/should wake many up from their mental “Rip Van Winkle”
    Have a great day, and keep the great posts coming!!!!

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