🙏What if We All Prayed for Each Other? ❤

⛪ Our church is currently teaching about prayer and trusting in God. They asked that we each write our prayer need on a paper and tape it to a board. Then we were to take a photo of our paper and those around it so that we could pray over all during the coming week.

🙏This is really neat! It’s a lot like a group war room wall!!! And it’s good to see we are all in need of prayer for something.

🔥But, what I really liked about this was the non-judgemental way members handled each other’s prayer requests. There was no snickering as people read the board. There was only love and concern for others!!




  1. This was a very heart-warming story!!!!
    You also made me feel a whole lot better with your “group war room….” statement.
    Let the doubters doubt, but that is exactly what a group of like-minded followers of Our All-Knowing, Loving GOD, all gathered together sharing prayer lists is like, when they discuss what they are going to talk to Our LEADER about.
    Faith is what kept My Little Brother and I safe and moving forward through Our whole lives.
    Keep up the great work, because I found my place to get restored when I get down in the dumps.
    I send all Good Things your way

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      • There is one thing to remember, we are not supposed to worry. But as humans, we all worry, so to me, it means to not worry about what we have no control over, if we, as HIS flock, and HIS Children have done all we are convicted to do.
        With that said, then you will understand why I say this is my Stewardship.
        I haven’t heard back from you, but there is something I don’t mind saying, and that is I am a retired Computer/Internet Security Professional, and a Master Carpenter.
        Frank and I loved building things with Our own hands.
        I send all Good Things your way

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      • Yes, I cannot worry about what I must lay in His capable hands . . I think my worry is more about decisions I make that affect the future.
        I am not sure why you say you have not heard back from me . .?

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