πŸ’š Furry πŸ‘Ύ Green πŸ‘Ύ Love πŸ’š

“One last quick flight to Aswalinal, Dear, I promise . ” he whispered his voice drifting off. They both knew it was all a lie. He’d gotten the harvest down to four (4) days round trip. The alien flower petals were now a necessity for binding all marriages under the new regime.

Aswalinal was the closest planet to harvest from meaning the freshest flowers. And . . only certain earthlings had passes to Aswalinal.

They sat back and thought about the price they’d paid for the pass to Aswalinal. At the time it had seemed simple enough. They needed to be willing to participate in breeding with the Aswalinalian leaders. Now they had a house full of furry little green children. A house full of green love!! πŸ’šπŸ‘ΎπŸ’š


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