pt. #17 ~ “Jail Income”

As Celeste sat at the desk she wondered about the windows . . ” . .underground windows . . why would there even be windows underground?” she asked herself over and over. Such an odd place!!

She opened a computer file marked “Jail Income” and almost fell out of her chair. The accounts were staggering! Apparently the inmates were manning a mine and all the profits were going into county leader’s pockets. Hmmm . .

Celeste copied all the files from the laptop into an email . . then she peeked behind the curtain. There, under the city was a huge mine. As she stood there transfixed the inmates would hurry scurry about doing assigned tasks while armed guards watched. Carefully Celeste picked up the laptop and used it to make a video of the mine. Then she added that file to the email along with a detailed explanation of what was going on, where and how to get in. Celeste emailed it to a contact she could trust who knew all the right people to show it to.

Carefully Celeste erased all her activity from the laptop and added a secret encryption so that, although the owner could access all files, everything, even every tiny stroke on the keyboard, would be secretly emailed to her contact along with a special undetectable homing signal.

She looked at the posted schedule for the tunnels . . no activity until the janitor mopped at 6am. Celeste knew she needed to head back to the river and look for a place to sleep for the night . . she did not want to get caught napping here!! 🔦🔫🔒


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