pt #19 ~ Waking the Homeless

Celeste and Allen quickly headed down the tunnel, Allen video taping everything.📹 Celeste showed him the money counting room and he took a long slow video of the entire room. Then they headed across to the main office. Allen’s jaw had dropped as they entered the tunnel and just kept falling further with each new door Celeste opened. If this hadn’t been such a serious and time constrained situation she would have been on the floor laughing at him!!

Inside the main office Celeste peeked again behind the curtain then had Allen do the same. He stopped breathing for a moment when he saw a huge cavern full of mining machinery run by inmates. He continued recording all he saw through the window making sure to catch all activity from every angle. He couldn’t believe the story he’d just been handed!! ✏📰

Celeste and Allen quickly and quietly left the office. They both really wanted to explore further but it was getting close to 5:00am. They headed out into the crisp winter night air, careful to not lock the door behind them. They took a minute to examine the little concrete ledge and noticed that it wrapped around the bridge on the side Celeste hadn’t explored. And beyond the ledge were notches in the hill perfect for climbing back up to the road. They both breathed a sigh of relief that they wouldn’t have to somehow pull down that branch!

Allen and Celeste were careful to look commonplace as they climbed back up to the street. Allen thanked her profusely then headed to his car which he’d parked in a nearby parking lot. This story was hot and would not need to incubate before going to print! He knew the paper would have a hay day and it would be a front page story with his video on their website. His name would finally be made and a huge wrong righted. He owed Celeste so much and would be in touch with her regularly.

Meanwhile Celeste was thinking about a green 🍀 milkshake from McDonald’s so wandered down the street. She arrived just as McDonald’s was getting ready to open the lobby for breakfast. Having a bit of patience she walked a block over and noticed an odd door. Peeking inside she saw stairs.

Just basic stairs that should have been attached to a decrepit building . . but there was something odd she just couldn’t put her finger on . . maybe because the building was missing except for the area of the stairwell!! Maybe she’d come check this out another day . . maybe . . As Celeste walked back towards McDonald’s a man in a maroon jacket passed her muttering something about the ground vibrating all night. Poor guy was sleeping outside and the activity in the mine was keeping him awake!!

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