Rambling from the Homestead . .

Kinda seems like a farce calling our current residence a homestead.. yet I refuse to lose faith that we will someday live our dream! So it is Sunday morning. . . I am soo exhausted . . not because of long hours as I’m barely working 35-50/week . . I think it is more the intensity of my clients emotionally . . my shifts are spread out so I sometimes get nice naps between clients as well as time with Matt . . that has been a HUGE plus. . . but the perpetual exhaustion is another story . . so I am looking at anything outside of my work environment that may be affecting me . . I would say finances is also a trigger . . paying bills and trying to save for a better life for us is exhausting and overwhelming in and of itself! In really looking at our situation I can see this apartment is Simply Depressing to live in!! {I will post pics and share details of the problems once we move.} Fortunately we can move before the end of the lease for a small fee . . YEA!! 🎊 and so many really nice really cute apartments have opened up (people moved out creating much needed vacancies/options) . . . so I need to save up for a deposit on a better place . . and save fast before all the good places where maintenance is done promptly and correctly, staff are polite, and possibly/probably we can have a dishwasher and either a swimming pool or a beach!! A much much better life for the same price we pay here. . . . .

. . . πŸŒ› long night last night. . Matt says I was crying in my sleep . . woke at 2:39am with a stomach ache . . awake till 4am . . nice morning at work . . πŸ˜€ a lot of time for thinking and praying . . and the song, “I Get on My Knees” running through my head keeping my pace and my thoughts His . . ahh . . 😊 I have been trying to figure out how to accomplish all we need and do it in the right order . . sometimes I seem to get years ahead and then my plans are upside down . . quiet time of prayer, praise and worship while I work and He brings me back to the here and now and what our next steps need to be. . . God is so good to me like that!!

So, yes, we’d really love to full-time RV down the road, but not till Matt finishes high school . . and we need an acre to homestead . . so while I look at potential apartments to rent I’ll also be looking at land to buy . . I’ll let God direct my steps so my service to Him will be more complete and efficient . .

πŸ™ŒGod Bless!!!πŸ™Œ

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