Hoodies and Big Brother

How does one become faceless in a Big Brother world and is this even a reasonable option? I’ve been thinking about this for some time and have come to some conclusions and in some spaces I realize . . well, it’s 2018 and harder than it was in 1930s to just disappear . . so you’re living a vibrant life . . the picture of happiness on vacations with your family . . yet you know it’s all a farce . . everywhere you go gov has cameras . . even on your phone, computer, smart TV(?) . . should you get a black hoodie and an ‘anonymous mask’? Would a hoodie with a deep hood be enough? Could you have hoodies in several colors or is a black hoodie essential to this? What about summer? Are there hoodies thin and breathable or does personal security require you to pass out from heat exhaustion?? And what about your devices? Is it possible to have a cell phone and not have nosey gov know it’s yours? Can you simply cover the camera lens so they can’t watch you? Is it enough to turn off the GPS tracker or do you need to physically disconnect it (pull apart?)?? I do realize many homeless live totally off the grid, but beyond living in total extreme poverty is it possible to live fairly comfortably without using your social security number? Are there still places where a person can set up a little homestead without buying land (think no gov record of where you live)? Is it possible to grow/make what we need and sell the excess for cash so you can buy supplies?

Is is really possible to drop off gov radar and live comfortably/happily?


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