Melania Trump, Please Pray for Your Husband!!

As we watch the saga of unfaithfulness unfold I pray Melania will open her Bible, hit her knees then join the Better Together Movement and work on restoration. Join all of us praying for our own marriages as we support each other.

As a Christian woman and the First Lady of the U.S. we need her to be a strong prayerful and courageous woman of God!!

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and we desperately need leaders who stand strong for their marriage vows. Yes, he made a mistake. Yes, it hurts. Now, pull up your big girl panties and begin praying and fasting for your husband.


  1. Instead of placing all the responsibility on Melania, how about asking Trump to be truthful and apologize first? He is still denying he has had affairs. I for one do not find him worthy enough, and in this case, divorce is a better option.

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    • Biblically it is important to forgive and pray for our spouses keeping our families intact. In time President Trump and Melania will work this out between them as a Christian couple. When/how/if/whether he apologizes is a private matter between them. I pray they seek the Lord as they go forward. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ž


      • Well, with all due respect- Trump is about as far from being a Christian as Barack Obama was a Muslim. I just don’t understand how so many good people allow themselves to be conned by such an evil man. It is only my opinion and you, of course, are entitled to yours. And since he is our President, it is much more than just a private apology between them. He is a liar as well as a cheat and we cannot just turn the other cheek.

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      • How can you possibly spout such lies dear fellow blogger? You have been lied to and haven’t questioned it? Barack Obama and Michelle are better Christians than most of us. It blows my mind that people like you buy into this falsehood. The beauty of being an American is that you seek out the truth and question what you are told. I suppose anyone who takes the bible literally like you do would think that Barak Obama was and is a Muslim. If that is the case, it is was is wrong with our country now, not what is right.

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  2. And I suppose it best that we not follow each other’s blog posts. We will never see each others point of view and I will never understand the attraction Trump has on you. I feel for Melania, but I would never ask her to put on her big girl panties. What an arrogant thing to say to a woman who is married to a monster like him. Someone should teach him a lesson in life so that he learns compassion and how to show concern for others. He is nothing but a con-man and you are being conned.

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    • We each have a right to our opinions . . and to disagree. While I do not agree with everything Trump is doing for our nation I still support him as our President. . and I can see improvements already (and I’m definitely not rich so these improvements have trickled down). You definitely have the right to not follow my blog. But I personally find following diverse blogs with points of view contradictory to mine gives me a wider view of the world. I appreciate seeing and hearing other’s points of view while still not agreeing with them. Differences are what make the world interesting ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’™


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