Sheeple/Zombies and Map Circles . ?

Hey there!

Okay, so I seriously wanted to get back to my map circles.

After careful contemplation of this map of Toledo, OH there are no map circles . .

Here are the problems I’ve initially encountered . .

First of all the population of Toledo, OH is 278,508 (in 2016) so obviously over 100,000 . . so way way beyond the tipping point of safety in a disaster/collapse situation.

Now, mind you, I will readily admit I still want to move to Chicago which has 2.7 million (in 2016) . . . but I digress . .

So I take Matt to youth group and plan to make good use of my time. . . as I recall it’s best to allow a minimum seven (7) mile barrier between your home/bug-out location and any highways. I was so intending to take a colored pencil and shade a seven (7) mile wide barrier on each side of every highway . . then I looked at the map legend . . and looked again at the map . . at the most there are 4-5 miles between highways!!

Seriously??! 😕

Okay . . so I have to rethink that . . we were apartment hunting today and both places we liked are close to highways . . humph!!

Then I regroup and take a look at the Toledo Correctional Institute. My habit was to place a twenty (20) mile radius around Statesville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, IL . . that circle encompassed my home base my entire 20 years in Illinois meaning I was always a day’s walk for a maximum security inmate should a collapse occur.

Looking at the Toledo Correctional Institute and this map it’s quite easy to see I’d need to completely leave the area to get that far away. And, on top of that, I am completely unaware (at the moment) of where other such nearby facilities are.

Yeah, this map seems to say we are doomed if we stay.

But . .

I am thinking to find a nice, well maintained apartment building to live in and then lie low. Get re-prepped and set up a bug-out location elsewhere that will become our home base.

I am going to still do my map circles but may have to do one (1) mile consecutive increment circles as well as one (1) mile wide (increment) barriers along highways.

Not an ideal answer but an answer . . .

What are your hungry sheeple/zombie safety preps??

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