pt. #20~ Reward of Free Breakfast!!

Celeste walked back the way she’d come and noticed a quartet that sounded more like monsters from a micro planet had set up on the corner to lure sheeple into tossing coins in support of their flight home!! She chuckled at the thought of everyone who donated money being beamed up 😂

In McDonald’s she grabbed a Coke and a muffin and found a seat with an abandoned newspaper. .as she picked it up Celeste noted an article about an odd break in at Arnold’s Shoe Repair and how he’d like to thank the culprit! ‘Wow’, she thought . . ‘I helped him more than I realized . . sweet’ . . . Celeste sipped her Coke and thoroughly enjoyed her cranberry muffin . . every bite so yummy!! Slowly the dining area began to fill with high school kids getting breakfast on their way to classes and homeless looking to warm up and charge their phones . . the activity was interesting and listening to all that was said gave her much needed info on what was really going on in the community. A couple sitting next to her were discussing ways to live in the woods and Celeste asked if they’d tried building a simple sod house or a hobbit house as either would be virtually invisible? They discussed the possibilities then the couple planned to head to the library to learn more about each option.

Celeste was still hungry and headed to the counter just as the night manager came out with a new bun for customers to try. . it was a test market item so feedback would be necessary. . Celeste took a bite and asked if he’d thought of using it for an open-faced breakfast sandwich . . maybe include a packet of syrup too? He loved the idea and went to make up a batch! Celeste sat and munched and thought about her next steps . . she now knew she’d made a real difference for Arnold . . and her friend would have the article on the mines printed shortly . . she was honestly expecting an extra paper out that morning to cover the news . . but what should she do next? As she pondered the manager brought her the meal she’d suggested and asked if he could take her photo with it for advertising and to send to corporate. . yes, she thought that would be nice . . after all, she wasn’t really in hiding as she’d turned 18 before she’d escaped. She exchanged phone numbers and names with the manager and asked if the other homeless could try it also. Then Celeste dug into a hearty breakfast while the manager brought the same for the others as she’d requested (and free of charge as a thank you to Celeste!)!!


  1. I’m impressed and intrigued by the details, like the hobbit house. A bit worried about Celeste letting her picture be used for an ad… maybe that’s the worrying mom part of me.

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