Praying Instead of Blogging . .

Hey all . . I know I’m not blogging much . . I’ve had to slow down a bit . . got some things going on that only God can solve . . not problems . . decisions. . and, as I write this He is showing me some of what I need to do . . such an incredible God we serve!! He sees my heartache and whispers answers and encouragement. . . . He knows what I need right now and what I must wait for. . . He is giving me strength for the waiting . . and hope . . and patience beyond measure . . and showing me so much love and understanding . . yes, the waiting hurts. . it’s called growing pains for a reason . . and yes it has me in tears sometimes and I can’t always share the reason for the tears as I don’t need judgemental crap about my life and choices. . . yes, I am still so much praying for my marriage . . and no I don’t care if people don’t like it . . so, yes, I am waiting and praying for God to work this out . . and still praying for and loving that man from 258.1 miles away . .


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