Home . . till October . .

Hey there . . plan ‘B’ is stay here till the lease ends October 30th . . sometimes plan B is a blessing . . hoping that is the case here . . when we moved in I asked about the option to move early and was told we could if we paid a fee . . that was all unwritten information and the fee has since somehow doubled . . so we stay . . but plan to move by October 30th. . now that I have had a taste of being an apartment prisoner again I am wanting to do something else come October . . this turn of events is the serious push I need to do more for Matt and I . . I am going to begin to resubmit maintenance requests and document these . . and take photos of the problems here . . I know better than to go to fair housing with complaints as that will surely get us evicted. . . ‘funny’ as when I told the office I’ve been apartment shopping and why the girl sounded sincerely upset we want to move. . . but then no repairs in my apartment were even started . . someone from the office did come to the building. . . saw the company car in the parking lot . . but they didn’t come to my door . . amazing . . yet, not so much so as that appears to be how this property is managed . . ๐Ÿ˜• so . . our adventure continues . . twists and turns in the road won’t stop our progress!!! ๐Ÿš™

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