pt. #21 ~ Breaking Story

Celeste sat back and looked around enjoying the sight of so many who are in dire need enjoying a hot hearty breakfast. . . enjoying that feeling of feeding a flock of God’s children more than she enjoyed her own breakfast! She was thinking about the passive/aggressive way the city was manhandling it’s constituents as well as no record being kept of the labor of each inmate, a record critical for parole hearings . . just then the local paper dropped off the free papers McDonald’s provides and announced there was a major story breaking so this was a supplement edition!! Celeste picked up the paper and saw Allen’s article about the mines. It was a full page article including photos and giving credit for breaking this story wide open to an anonymous source. In her craziest dream Celeste could never have imagined doing so much good for so many so easily.

Celeste relaxed sipping coffee and reading feeling as though she was climbing a rainbow to a better life . . a life without rats in a basement of doom . . a life where she could make a real difference! The article was so well written . . she would have to congratulate Allen. A man in a suit stood at the counter looking like an uptight iguana while he also read the article. Celeste watched as his face went white then various shades of red . . “must be connected to the mines and knows he’s going down”, she thought.

As the sun rose in the morning sky like a lemon leopard escaping from a cave of morning mist Celeste decided to take a long walk exploring the downtown area during the daytime for a change. She needed to make plans for her next venture and arrange to meet up somewhere discreet with Allen . . . as she wandered slowly back towards the downtown area she noticed there was more activity than normal. People were milling about on sidewalks . . small groups holding newspapers or smartphones were forming and discussing the article . . people were gesturing wildly . . many were looking around confused, frightened, angry . . today was going to be interesting!!!

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