pt. #22~ Computer Hacking over a Cup of Coffee ☕

As Celeste walked towards the library she noted the steady increase in police cars patrolling as well as the number of people roaming the streets and congregating on corners. There was a news crew driving slowly past and she saw Allen in the back seat. He grinned at her and winked. 😉 His career was set now and he knew she was the reason.

Celeste stopped to count what money she had left realizing she needed to find a place for the next night. $25 was all she had left. . not much! She paused to look more closely at local businesses but wondered if any would be a good idea with all that was going on?

Slowly the news crew drove up and stopped next to her. Allen got out and stretched then asked how she was.

“I’m good”, Celeste responded then asked, “what’s going on?”

“Tunnels and mining hit the news hard! Whole county’s in an uproar. . . station’s been getting thousands of phone calls as well as the PD . .”, Allen answered. “We’re roaming around waiting for something to happen. Going to head to the bridge and drop off a cameraman to film live there then pry head to the courthouse to get a good parking spot.”

“Do your crew know who I am?”, Celeste asked.

“No, best keep it a secret for now”, Allen replied.

“Ok . . got another story for you later . . a small feel-good story . . but later when this settles . . I’m off to find my next adventure . . stay in touch!”, and Celeste hugged him and walked on. Allen stood there grinning after his friend the hopped back in the news van.

As Celeste walked past boarded up businesses she thought about how so many things aren’t as black and white as they may seem. .. sometimes the tiny overlooked details are the true meaning of a situation. Like an old tree that may look haggard but that is only years lived well and being a habitat to so many critters . . the old tree the city had kept was nice . . unusual . . worn . . weary . . and softened the lines of the city.

Celeste took her time peering into store windows as though window shopping. She noted which stores were on the verge of going under, which were still barely holding their own and which were thriving . . she also noticed the number of businesses that were open way before their regular hours . . probably due to the news . . each seemed nervous yet many were primping their window displays ahead of the foot traffic that could follow.

Celeste popped into a coffee shop, bought a large coffee and settled at a table near the window so she could listen to the locals chatter while she watched the street. The customers were varied which was nice. . . local businessmen, old-timers, college kids and a few cops . . yes, she’d definitely hear varied points of view here!! As she sat relaxing with her coffee she noted that this seemed to be a thriving business as far as she could see . . but was it really?

Celeste checked the business’s ratings online and found they were average . . coffee is good solid blend and service is okay . . nothing exceptional to bring new business . . hmmmm . . a little more research and some quick hacking and a coupon was sent out. . buy one get one free coffee this week if they like and follow the Facebook page and leave a comment about the mine . . then she sent it out on their twitter account!! This coffee shop should be swamped shortly . .

Celeste had been listening to the conversations around her. . . there was a definite unrest in every group. . the businessmen wondered how this would impact the local economy .. but weren’t thinking ahead too much on how to use it to promote their businesses . . 😒 the old-timers were reminiscing about using the old tunnel system during prohibition and talking about how the county had always been a mob run mess . . and the cops were talking about how many looky-loos would be coming to town and what that would mean. . . hmm . . all info to share with Allen later . .

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